19 year old German IT security specialist finds a bug to remotely control 25 Tesla cars around the world

A 19-year-old German David Colombo who’s an IT security specialist says he’s discovered a bug that allowed him to penetrate in a third social gathering software program utilized by a small variety of homeowners of Tesla cars. This declare signifies that the vulnerability might permit different hackers to control the cars or no less than a few of their essential features if the security patch shouldn’t be applied.

David Tweeted that the loophole in the third-party software program gave him the control for unlocking doorways and home windows, beginning the engine with out keys, and likewise disabling the security system. The German IT security specialist additionally claimed that he can see if a driver is inside a automotive, might activate the sound programs, and likewise flash automotive highlights.


I might additionally question the precise location, see if a driver is current and so forth. The record is fairly lengthy.

And sure, I additionally might remotely rick roll the affected homeowners by taking part in Rick Astley on Youtube of their Tesla‘s😂


— David Colombo (@david_colombo_) January 11, 2022

When requested if he might take over the wheels on Twitter, David responded

No, I can’t intervene with somebody driving (aside from beginning music at max quantity or flashing lights) and I additionally can’t drive these Tesla‘s remotely.


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